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The Corporate Rates Club (CRC) is a department of the TourisMarketing Service GmbH and responsible for the business travel concerning the hotel bookings.

CRC offers a corporate hotel booking platform that can only be accessed by its customers. In addition to a standard version, it is possible to adapt the system in different ways according to the customers' expactations. These customer specific adaptions include for example the central settlement, which offers a special kind of payment in combination with affiliated Online Booking Engines (OBE)

For evaluation purposes, the CRC provides an online statistic tool free of charge. In order to cover all category groups of travel management concerning the hotel sector, the CRC offers its own central hotel purchasing to support the customers' rate negotiation.

We put a strong emphasis on service to make sure that every corporate client has a central contact person for questions and in cases of problems. The CRC booking hotline is available for requests concerning the hotel bookings.