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TourisMarketing Service GmbH is specialized in services for the tourism industry. The company uses a worldwide co-operation network, which has been built since its foundation in 1998.

TourisMarketing Service GmbH gathered extensive know how in the field of travel management. The company utilized its knowledge for developing the Corporate Rates Club, a special business solution for the business travel management sector.

The company aims at effeciently supporting all stages of professional travel management ranging form travel request, travel organisation, travel accounting and reporting and controlling. In order to seize every potential for optimizing the travel management of a company, TourisMarketing Service GmbH offers a web-based tool including an online booking system and interfaces to external service providers (properties of all kinds).
  1. Due to continuous IT support and improved booking processes, operative processing costs (indirekt travel costs) can be considerably decreased.
  2. A higher transparency regarding kind and extent of services acquired from service providers (independent hotels, hotel chains) forms the basis for the optimization of purchasing conditions.
  3. A consistent, redundancy-free data protection and electronic storage of necessary documents prevents discountinuity of media.
Almost all medium-sized and large companies have a travel management department that is responsible for all travelling activities of the respective firm. Among the major tasks of a travel management department are the annual negotiation of accommodation rates and the processing of bookings.

The volume of business travels has increased enormously over the last couple of years due to progressive globalization. Besides wages and salaries as well as expenses for research and development, travel expenses are among the highest cost factors of many companies. The enormous rise in travel expenses leads to an increasing awareness of travel costs as well as new demands for the business travel management of companies. Especially those firms that have to face a high volume of travel expenses analyze their direct and indirect business travel costs and optimize all administrative processes regarding business travels.

The Corporate Rates Club is based on the analysis of these facts as well as on the analysis of the general, conventional booking process. The CRC conveys the results of this analysis to a web-based booking process.

The Corporate Rates Club acts on the fundamental idea of an everlasting cost reduction in each company. The aim is to use the limited financial resources in an optimal way in each company.

Regarding the business travel management, the Corporate Rates Club takes over exactly all tasks of a company that are related to this field. The Corporate Rates Club optimizes the travel costs for the respective firm due to special club rates and reducing the processing costs at the same time.

Every member has permanent control over all travel costs which are caused by the Corporate Rates Club.

The Corporate Rates Club enables company members to process hotel reservations via a global purchasing and booking platform for worldwide business travels. Accommodation properties get an optimized access to new customers.

Despite of existing cost saving potentials and numerous facilities for optimizing existing processes, in most cases not all possibilities for an efficient travel management are seized sufficiently.