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Terms and conditions for travellers

  1. Scope of applicability
    These terms of business apply to the use of the booking and reservation systems for accommodation places via the online platform, telephone, e-mail or by any other means, hereinafter referred to as the booking and reservation system. Those parties using the booking and reservation system for the purpose of placing a booking or reservation or for the procurement of information, shall hereinafter be referred to as the travelling party. The booking and reservation system is a service of the Corporate Rates Club department of TourisMarketing Service GmbH, hereinafter referred to as the Corporate Rates club.

  2. Bookings / reservations
    The Corporate Rates Club on behalf of the travelling party will forward all reservations inquiries and bookings to accommodation providers. Corporate Rates Club is acting as communicating messenger. A contract of accommodation is concluded directly between the user and the respective accommodation company. All rights and obligations arising out of the accommodation contract are directly and exclusively between the user and the accommodation company.
    Bookings are binding for the travelling party and the respective accommodation provider.
    The reservation is made directly upon booking and binding without the subsequent e-mail reservation confirmation.
    Reservation requests are not binding. Only by accepting an offer made by the accommodation, company within a specified period of time the reservation request becomes a binding booking.
    Binding bookings may only be made by anyone who is 18 years old and fully employed.
    For guaranteed bookings, a valid credit card with a limit covering of the booking amount is required. The indicated credit card is used as a security for the overnight stay and may be charged for any cancellation charges incurred. The accommodation facility is entitled to withdraw from the accommodation contract if an examination reveals that the guarantee card provided is not correct or reliable.

  3. Payment
    The traveller on their own account at the accommodation facility makes the payment of the services provided by the Corporate Rates Club, insofar as the alternative payment option described below has not been agreed for the respective accommodation contract in the course of the booking process. Any costs incurred in the case of non-timely cancellation or non-payment, will be charged directly by the traveller or cancelled by the guarantee credit card deposited for the respective accommodation contract.

    Alternative payment option: payment via company invoice
    After the contract has been concluded, the accommodation company receives a declaration of 3rd party payment agreement, indicating the cost items (for example, overnight, breakfast, parking, Internet / W-LAN). The declaration of this 3rd party payment agreement also applies to the costs incurred in the case of non-timely cancellation or non-compliance. After the departure of the guest, the accommodation company sends a billing document to the invoice address mentioned on the charge. Transfer by the invoice recipient makes payment against the accommodation, by debiting from a credit card provided for payment or by payment via a central travel agency card of the company of the traveller. The traveller pays only additional costs incurred on the spot, which are not covered by the 3rd party payment agreement.
    The accommodation will be informed about the form of payment on the booking confirmation.
    If applicable, the amount to be paid to the accommodation may be increased by any country-specific or location-specific taxes, fees or surcharges that were not included in the booking amount.

  4. Cancelations
    The cancellation of a booking by the user has to take place via the booking and reservation system. The date of completion of the successful cancellation process via the booking and reservation system is decisive for compliance with cancellation periods. If the booking and reservation system cannot be cancelled, as the cancellation period agreed in the accommodation contract has expired, the user must contact the Corporate Rates Club by telephone or e-mail. The Corporate Rates Club informs the accommodation company about the cancellation request. The deadlines for free cancellations will be indicated to the user in the booking and cancellation conditions of his accommodation contract. The accommodation companies usually carry timely cancellations out free of charge. In the case of special offers (for example, prepaid rates, fair rates, etc.), a free cancellation is often excluded from the accommodation.

  5. Information about accommodation
    The Corporate Rates Club compiles all data and information with the greatest possible care. The liability of the Corporate Rates Club is excluded for any errors in the transmission or collection of data. The information content is based upon the data provided by the individual accommodation companies themselves. Furthermore, the user accepts that the displayed content can contain errors and/or the data of the relevant accommodation has not yet been updated.

  6. Involvement of a third party
    The Corporate Rates Club has the right to engage a third party for the purpose of providing all services.

  7. Data security
    The Corporate Rates Club processes the data referring to persons in compliance with the applicable laws on data protection. The personal data received from the travelling party are only registered, processed and used to the extent necessary for the establishment, implementation or modification of the direct or intermediary business relation. The Corporate Rates Club is entitled to transmit these data to partners acting upon Corporate Rates Club orders, to the extent this is necessary for the execution of reservation inquiries or bookings. The sale of personal data by the Corporate Rates Club to third parties is excluded.

  8. Liability
    The user is liable to the accommodation company for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from the accommodation contract arranged by the Corporate Rates Club. The Corporate Rates Club is not liable for the information provided by the accommodation company. This applies in particular to information on the quality of an accommodation company regarding its offered services, facilities and location.
    The Corporate Rates Club is liable to the user only as far as compensation for damages arising in connection with its mediation activity has occurred as a result of a gross negligence or deliberate violation of a contractual obligation by the Corporate Council Club or its vicarious agents or legal representatives. Liability is limited to the amount of the price of the service rendered.

  9. Miscellaneous
    The use of data, or parts thereof, as well as the takeover of data, or parts thereof, into other data carriers, is not permitted. It is the duty of the travelling party to protect the access information of the booking and reservation system against misuse by third parties. Should the travelling party detect the misuse of his/her access information, the Corporate Rates Club must be informed immediately, in order for the access information to be blocked.
    In some cases, due to technical deviations, it may occur that a price quoted during a vacancy enquiry can deviate from the price of the final booking. In these cases, the price stated in the booking confirmation is binding. German Law applies for all possible legal matters concerning the parties. Stralsund is the place of jurisdiction and performance. The Corporate Rates Club reserves the right to change the place of jurisdiction.
    Should individual provisions of these terms of business be or become entirely or partly ineffective, the legal effect of the remaining provisions will not be affected. In their place, a suitable ruling will arise, which - as far as is legally permissible - aims to correspond as closely as possible to the ineffective ruling.
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