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The Corporate Rates Club (CRC) already have existing different cooperation with a lot of travel agency chains and travel agencies.

The aim is, to provide the hotel booking platform for business travelers with all company specific adjustments including central payment for travel agencies and their company clients. It doesn't matters, if the bookings are made by the travel agency or if the platform will be used by the company client themselves. The login data of the corporate client are always linked with the travel agency.

The hotel booking tool can also be used by the travel agency. Company specific adjustments are possible, too. The terms of the CRC apply.

Benefits for the travel agency:
  1. the travel agency can provide a hotel booking platform for its company clients with complete company specific adjustments
  2. CRC ensure the central payment
  3. every booking of a company client is linked to the appropriate travel agency
  4. next to the service charge which is agreed between travel agency and company client, the travel agency will receive a commission
Benefits for company clients of the travel agency:
  1. complete company specific adjustments
  2. central payment
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